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A Conversation about Religious Literacy

A Conversation about Religious Literacy

Isaac: In response to the recent Pew survey, Stephen Prothero renewed his call for mandatory religious studies and Bible courses in U.S. public schools. What do we think of his proposal? What does he think it will accomplish? Vincent: It seems like, at least in the simplest form, there’s a sense that knowing lots of facts will make people rational… which it obviously won’t.

The Inanity of the current "Islam" Debate

The Inanity of the current “Islam” Debate

One of the reasons why the debate is so skewed is that Americans suffer from an intense form of religious illiteracy, and that is dangerous. As Prothero demonstrates in his earlier book Religious Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know and Doesn’t , is that most Americans don’t even know the tenets of their own faith. And if we’re going to put an end to the misinformation, it’s going to take those of us who are Christians to step up and say no to it. I think that Prothero’s presentation on CNN is something that needs to be heard.