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Religion, Lately: Kamala Khan, Biker Churches, and Discussing Religion on Facebook

Marvel Comics has announced that it’s newest heroine will be a young Pakistani-American Muslim girl named Kamala Khan. There is both excitement and worry over the fact that Khan is Muslim- while the debut of the superheroine is a step in the right direction to fight Islamaphobia, many fear that Khan’s story may perpetuate certain harmful stereotypes, as discussed in this article from The Huffington Post. Religion has always played a role in many popular comics, but lately there has been a rise in comics that are coming out of religious publishing groups, including HarperCollins Christian Publishing and Zondervan.

Predicting the Future: Real Fake Christian Sects in Margaret Atwood's MaddAddam Trilogy.

Predicting the Future: Real Fake Christian Sects in Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam Trilogy.

By Lauren Cooper, Georgia State University…I love books. Specifically, I love works of speculative fiction that are concerned with a dystopian near-future and the creation of new religious traditions in the face of a deteriorating human culture. But hey, who doesn’t love that kind of stuff, right? This is why I suggest that everyone read Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam trilogy. In these three novels- Oryx and Crake, The Year of the Flood, and MaddAddam- Atwood creates several new Christian traditions that are so realistic to the point of being a little creepy. I think this is because they seem recognizable, almost as if you have heard of them before, on the news or in school or something.

Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2013: Religious Art?

Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2013: Religious Art?

By Lauren Cooper, Georgia State University…..The world of high fashion is simultaneously interesting and frightening to me. Designers often send outlandish creations down the runway that elicit oohs and aahs from those select few that “get it.” I have to confess, I usually don’t get it. I have difficulty seeing clothing as art. I tend to see clothing as functional, above all, and I think many people tend to agree with me. However, when I came across images from Alexander McQueen’s pre-fall line, I had to stop and think about it.

The Ghost: Chicago's Most Offensive Hamburger

The Ghost: Chicago’s Most Offensive Hamburger

By Lauren Cooper, Georgia State University….Last week a friend posted a link to a rather interesting article on my Facebook wall—it was an article about a restaurant in Chicago called Kuma’s Corner that is serving a burger called The Ghost. Generally speaking, I’m not usually interested in what eateries in Chicago are serving their patrons, but this particular burger caught my attention immediately.

Soasig Chamaillard: Re-imagining the Virgin Mary Through Pop Culture

Soasig Chamaillard: Re-imagining the Virgin Mary Through Pop Culture

By Lauren Cooper…..Across the world, the image of the Virgin Mary is an iconic one, easily recognizable regardless of one’s religious affiliation. It goes without saying that many Christians view the likeness of Virgin Mary as sacred, and yet it is not unreasonable to suggest that this reverence for the virgin mother’s image extends beyond Christianity. It is an image universally held in high esteem because of its association with the sacred, regardless of whether or not there are beliefs attached to this association.

The Clergy Project - A Community for Clergy Without Faith

The Clergy Project – A Community for Clergy Without Faith

By Lauren Cooper…..For most clergy members, guiding the non-believers and doubters back into the fold is part of the job description. But where do the clergy turn when they have lost their own faith? In the age of the internet, one can find an on-line forum for any conceivable topic, where individuals who share similar views can come together to discuss, debate, and offer support to one another. Such is the case with The Clergy Project, an on-line organization where clergy members, both current and former, can discuss their transition from believers to non-believers.