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Submission Requirements and Format: 

  1. Just about any religion related topic is acceptable but attacking any religion is not permitted!  If you are not sure your topic is appropriate, e-mail the editor. 
  2. Topic ideas:  Religion & Law, Pop Culture, New Religious Movements, Religion & Music, Religion 101 (overview of specific tradition-especially NRMs), Religion & Politics, International Affairs, Religion & Sex, Religion & Sexuality, Religion & Literature, Religion & Sports, Book Reviews, Religion & Education, Religion in the News, Interviews with Religious Studies Academics (see series “In Conversation With” description), Religion & Culture, Religion & Art, Pluralism, Comparative explorations, Historical explorations, Religious Studies discussions, Religion & Travel, Ritual, Myth, Marian Phenomena, Saints (any tradition), Pilgrimage, etc…
  3. 700-1800 words
  4. Single Spaced and in MS Word
  5. 2 spaces between sentences
  6. Bio must be sent by separate MS file – see contributor and guest bios 

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