Religion Nerd is a daily e-magazine dedicated to informing the public about world religions, religious diversity, and the central religious issues shaping American and international culture, politics, and society.  Religion Nerd is concerned with providing insightful articles which assist in highlighting and fostering a better understanding of the role religions play in our lives and enrich the public religious conversation.

Founded by Heather Abraham, a GSU religious studies alum of 2008, and her husband Teo Sagisman who designed the site, Religion Nerd was launched on March 28, 2010 and quickly gained a public and academic following with readership growing daily.  Religion Nerd has attracted a number of talented and insightful contributors with diverse specialties and interests including: religion and politics, art, history, sports, law, culture, literature, NRMs, religion in America, and interfaith issues and dialogue.

In providing a forum for religious studies academics, journalists, and religious practitioners, Religion Nerd hopes to promote and cultivate an improved public understanding of the dynamics of religion and an appreciation of how religion shapes many aspects of our world.