Religion, Lately: Kamala Khan, Biker Churches, and Discussing Religion on Facebook

Marvel-presente-la-nouvelle-Miss-Marvel-alias-Kamala-KhanBy Lauren Cooper…Marvel Comics has announced that it’s newest heroine will be a young Pakistani-American Muslim girl named Kamala Khan. There is both excitement and worry over the fact that Khan is Muslim- while the debut of the superheroine is a step in the right direction to fight Islamaphobia, many fear that Khan’s story may perpetuate certain harmful stereotypes, as discussed in this article from The Huffington Post.

Religion has always played a role in many popular comics, but lately there has been a rise in comics that are coming out of religious publishing groups, including HarperCollins Christian Publishing and Zondervan. Want to know more about the religion of various comic book heroes? The website has a list of characters’ religions as well as specific issues dealing with certain religious themes.

The holiday season is fully upon us, and with it comes an onslaught of religious images from various traditions. This year, however, the atheists are also getting in on the action. A series of billboards promoting the proud celebration of atheism this holiday season have sprung up all around Sacramento, California.


Speaking of atheists, an atheist “church” called Sunday Assembly, in San Francisco, California, is being met with both praise and criticism. The group meets to sing and socialize, much like a traditional church meeting, only without the God part. Critics of Sunday Assembly say that it’s still just a bit too much like religion for their tastes.

Atheists aren’t the only ones forming unlikely church groups- churches geared specifically toward groups of bikers are popping up all over the nation.

Freedom BIker Church Sign

There has been a lot of talk lately about millennials, mostly about their narcissism and lack of work ethic. However, a new book by Susan Katz Miller approaches the topic of millennials and religion, particularly those being raised in two separate religious traditions.

Do corporations have freedom of religion? Are they even considered entities that can actually practice religion? Leave it to a debate over womens’ health care to bring these heavy considerations to light. Several corporations are resisting the mandate that calls for employee health care plans to cover birth control. Read more here and here.

Farmville requests, updates about your children, and pictures of your dinner all rank pretty highly on the list of things that will get you un-friended on Facebook, but as it turns out, no one wants to hear about your religious views either, a new study shows.

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