Loki’s Playground: The Hijacking of Religion Nerd

By Heather Abraham

A wise friend once warned, “Never forget that the internet is Loki’s playground.”

I began to notice that something peculiar was happening with Religion Nerd in June. The site stats began to dive and our ranking in google searches consistently slid. I brought the curious matter to the attention of my husband, who created the site, and he immediately understood that Religion Nerd had been hacked. A few Thor and Lokidays later, our understanding deepened. The dreadful term “hacked” was quickly upgraded to the unspeakable. Religion Nerd had been hijacked.

I reacted to the news with indignation but I could not help but wonder—Who and Why?

I quickly dismissed monetary gain as a motive as there are no financial transactions associated with the site. Was it possible that Religion Nerd was pilfered in an act of revenge for a post found theologically offensive?

I found the anonymity of my “enemy” disconcerting. The who became more important than the why. I needed to assign an identity to the anonymous miscreant. After all, how can one fight an enemy who remains unknown?

My friend’s warning of years before rang in my ears.

“Loki’s playground” offered a narrative through which I could gain insight. I found solace in mythologizing the event. Once I embraced the mysterious enemy in the guise of Loki I knew the site could and would be reclaimed. Loki would be defeated, if only for a time.

The fight to recover Religion Nerd soon took the form of an epic battle between the minions of the trickster God and the noble warriors who would challenge Loki’s supremacy under the watchful gaze of their patron God, Thor.

Wielder of the hammer,
red-bearded one,
Thor, protector,
to you I call.
I stand in the midst of a storm
and ask your protection.

While I lost myself in creating a comforting narrative, my husband Teo and his warrior companions began to do battle.

They stalked Loki and his minions through a swirling chaos inhabited by monsters of deception and madness. The tricksters had laid deceptive tracks, obscuring their location. Thor’s steadfast warriors leapt from continent to continent in pursuit of the tricksters’ lair.

Stealthily, they studied the ways of their enemy and soon discovered the deceptive mirror they had constructed to hide the true Religion Nerd from the Gods of google. Teo and his fellow warriors laid siege to the lair, hammered the mirror into oblivion, and turned their attention to purifying the sacred code of creation.

For six weeks they battled the forces of Loki, countering the trickster’s wicked ways until Religion Nerd emerged strong and ready for its next adventure.

“We’re back baby! We’re back!”

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