Religion Lately:, Jedi Rise in Hungary, The “Real Hogwarts” & Judgment Day Approaches (again)

By Kenny Smith

Holy, a company owned and operated by “good Christians, with good moral values… offers to load the cremains [cremated remains] of customers into shotgun shells, rifle cartridges and bullets,” from which they may then be fired by fellow hunters and gun-enthusiasts. “I will rest in peace,” one company spokesperson said, “knowing that the last thing that turkey will see is me screaming at him at about 900 feet per second.” Discounts are available for the military, police and firemen. Yes, they’re serious.

A new study suggests that Atheists are the most despised group in America: “when Americans were asked whether they would disapprove of a child’s wish to marry an atheist, 47.6% of those interviewed said yes. This is a significantly higher percentage than Muslims (32.5%), blacks (27.2%), Jews (11.5%), conservative Christians (6.9%).J

Much as happened in Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand in recent years, as the Hungarian census approaches, the number of Jedis is on the increase; Jediism may be the fastest growing religious minority in the country!  Been working on your light-saber skills?  Test your powers in the new Hasbro light-saber competition. Jedi Masters, as well as Sith Lords, are said to be welcome.  


Some conservative Christian fear a rise in vampire and werewolf-related crime in light of films such as Twighlight.  

In charging Wall Street with “idolatry,” protestors marched bearing a biblical golden calf.   Christian “students, seminarians, and laypeople” are joining the Occupy Wall Street movement. More, are there religious themes emerging here that have little to do with churches?

The Presidential Prayer Team, praying for chief executives “since September 2001,” hopes to redeem, and defeat, Barack Obama.  Whereas the torments of hell played a major role in Catholic teachings in earlier decades, over the past fifty years this has changed significantly.  Evangelical teachings may insist upon “waiting for marriage before sex,” Evangelicals are “having premarital sex at about the same rate as everybody else.”  According to Harold Camping, of this year’s failed May 21, 2011 “end times” prophecy, the end will come by Oct. 21.  

Self-styled “Goths” who like to dress up in macabre attire and photograph one another beside gravestones, have been banned from a church cemetery in England.

In a suburb of Tel Aviv, Israel, a Church of Scientology school has drawn criticism from local residents.  In western Oregon, a Scientology boarding school calls itself the “Real-World Hogwarts,”  and specializes in rather unusual approaches to education.  Among the stars in America… Katie Holmes reports giving birth without making a sound, apparently in accordance with Church teachings…Johnny Depp attended Scientology meetings for the extra cash while still a struggling actor….and Lucy Liu is fascinated by many religions, including Scientology

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