Religion Lately: Scientology’s Super-Power Building, Celebrity Vampires Outed, Obama as Anti-Christ (again), and American “Moneytheism”

By Kenny Smith

The Church of Scientology’s ($90 million) Super Power Building, which some describe as “a bizarre cross between a Mediterranean-style hotel and the Starship Enterprise,” offers some “889 rooms, an indoor running track and NASA-style training equipment,” where devotees will master super-human abilities, opens later this year.

Looking for Scientological romance? Check out the Scientology dating website that is said to speak especially to the sensibilities of Scientologists, which may not be so different after all.  Kristie Alley’s conversion to Scientology played a role in her weight-loss victory, and a new Scientology video urges a “crusade” of funding for new and improved Scientology centers worldwide!

A recent faculty hire in Cultural Anthropology at Auburn University specializes in UFOs, and most especially the International Raelian Religion.

While it’s unclear how Vampire Churches (yes, they exist) will react, apparently both John Travolta and Nicholas Cage are vampires dating back at least to the Civil War, and photographs (now for sale on EBay for some $50,000, though with free gift wrapping and shipping) prove it!

BTW, as some astute observers have pointed out, the photographs bear other explanations as well: Travolta and Cage may be time-travelers instead of, or as well as, vampires.

In a recent fundraiser, we learned that “Jesus Christ is Lord” and that “Obama is the anti-Christ.” The President himself agreed with the first assertion.

In Portland, Oregon, the “Oaks Amusement Park” will be hosting this year’s Pagan Pride Day.  In some libraries, it’s still difficult to keep books about Wicca and Witchcraft on the shelf.

In England, some Christian have complained (bitterly) over the BBC’s decision to use “BCE” and “CE” rather than “BC” and “AD” in making historical references.

All across America, the appeal of an Atheistic identity is flourishing, with or without highway billboard campaigns.

In Ohio, churches have purchased pro- and anti-homosexuality advertising space on numerous roadside billboards.

Was Steven Colbert correct? Are Americans Moneytheists?

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