Religion Lately: Roseanne Barr for President?, The Teddy Bear Pope on a Perp Walk?, and The Book of Mormon the Movie?

By Heather Abraham

As part of her “empower women” mission, comedian and faux pas expert, Roseanne Barr has announced her simultaneous candidacy for both the U.S. Presidency and Prime Minister of Israel.  The motives behind of her dual challenge?—Inspire women to become more religiously and politically active, combat the status quo of patriarchy gone wrong, legalize marijuana, and bring justice to women and the Palestinians. I wonder, will the Cannabis Christian Ministries endorse candidate Barr? 


In Kentucky, nine Amish men have been ordered to jail for refusing to put reflective orange signs on their horse buggies.  Believing the law to be an infringement to their 1st Amendment rights, the nine men have refused to pay the fine or comply with the law because it, “violates their religious strictures against wearing bright colors or trusting in man-made symbols for their safety.” 

An imaginative music minister in Little Rock Arkansas created a video that puts a Christian twist to Beyonce’s I’m A Single Lady.  While the video gives new meaning to the old adage “white men can’t dance,” I give them an ‘A’ for effort, enthusiasm, and creativity.   

While the Amish challenge the system in Kentucky and Arkansas Christians boogie to Beyonce, North Carolina declared itself a pro-life state by issuing a ‘Choose Life’ license plate while rejecting proposals for “Respect Choice” plates.  The ACLU is on the case.  

It has been a strange week for Pope Benedict the XVI.  The Center for Constitutional Rights and  the Survivors Network have filed complaints, with the International Criminal Court at the Hague, alleging that responsibility for widespread sexual abuse ultimately resides with Rome.  Most specifically, with Pope Benedict and three high ranking Vatican officials.  Is it possible to do a perp walk via the Popemobile? 

In a quirky twist, while some want to see the Pope behind bars, a German company has unveiled a Pope Benedict teddy bear to celebrate the Pontiffs upcoming trip to the Fatherland later this month. Überfreaky!

Speaking of famous Catholics, Mel Gibson is taking on another biblical story!  Judah Maccabee will be coming to the big screen Gibson style.  Not surprisingly, some in the Jewish community are not thrilled with the prospect.  ADL National Chairman, Abraham Foxman spoke out about the project. “Not only has Mel Gibson shown outward antagonism toward Jews and Judaism in his public statements and actions, but his previous attempt to bring biblical history to life on the screen was marred by anti-Semitism.”   

Book of Mormon—the Movie!   The creators of South Park and the Broadway smash, The Book of Mormon, are taking the LDS story to the big screen, while in London, Mormon missionaries have been warned to stop proselytizing on public buses after complaints from passengers who didn’t like being told their religion was wrong.

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