Religion Lately: The Church of the Cylon God and St. Gaius Baltar, Extinction of Religion, No “Go Topless Day” for Toronto

By Kenny Smith

While they presently remain at the level of fandom and  “just for fun,” elements from the Sci-Fi Channel’s Battlestar Galactica series have been re-crafted and re-presented in religious terms. See, for instance, the Church of the Cylon God Facebook page,  or the Church St. Gaius Baltar.   

“Pray at the Pump” founder warns President Obama, create jobs or face more earthquakes, a claim which God then quickly refuted.  Others have suggested that the divine reprimand said to be implied in recent earthquakes and historic hurricanes was in fact aimed at Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor, in whose district a major quake’s epicenter was located, perhaps in response to the steep cuts Cantor proposed to the U.S. Geological Service.  So, is God an angry geologist?

Moderate and liberal Christians are in fact Vampire Satanists sent to infiltrate churches, one Christian conspiracy theorist thinks so. 


A recent mathematical model predicts traditional institutional forms of religion will soon be extinct in nine Western countries.  

Lesbian Pagans, a fundamentalist’s worst nightmare.   An African American Pagan priestess reflects on her experience in Christian and Pagan traditions and the lack of cultural resources she found in both.

A severe case of gender confusion seems to have baffled Islamic police in Indonesia.

Flash meditation mobs, sending peaceful vibes through the world’s cities, are increasingly common.


The complexities of Scientology and celebrity continue, this time for Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith.  

Former Fox News personality Glenn Beck wrapped up his “Restoring Courage” campaign in Israel, an event which seems to have been of interest mostly to American Evangelicals, Jews and Israelis not so much.   Evangelical Michelle Bachman may already be “obsolete” as a 2012 Presidential candidate.  

For would-be Dudeists fallen on hard economic times, some free copies of the forthcoming Dudeist Bible, The Abide Guide, are available!  

After a very well-attended Go Topless day in Venice Beach, Ca. last week, the city of Toronto has denied and members of the International Raelian Religion a permit for a public demonstration in a downtown park, though some plan to do so regardless.

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