Religion Lately: A Star Wars Mecca, Remembering Slackmaster Bob & Anonymous as Religion?

By Kenny Smith 

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has appealed to indigenous spirits and deities for aid in healing his cancer.   San Francisco’s Yoda statue draws pilgrims from around the globe.  Are we all Jediists at heart?  (May the Force be with you.)

According to the Prison Literature Project, inmates most frequently request books on Buddhism, Wicca, and Islam.  Practitioners of minority religions continue to face many different forms of discrimination throughout American culture.

One writer recalls the Church of the Subgenius’ Prophet Bob and the balmy days of the 1980s.  


Rather controversially, volunteers from the Church of Scientology have been seen on the streets of London after recent outbreaks of violence.   Religious disagreements and the religious education of their children (at a Scientology school) may be to blame for the breakup of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Antony.  

Fifty Pro-Islamic billboards go up across the U.S.  

Who would Jesus nuke? Apparently anybody.


The popularity of religion comes and goes with the times, a new study says.

Self-identified American Buddhist Geeks gather in Los Angeles for a conference.

Former Senatorial candidate Christine O’Donnell, infamous for her negative comments regarding Wiccans, (apparently) finds herself the victim of an online prank, hence her many vibrators and witchcraft books listed for sale on Amazon.

Is V for Vendetta functioning religiously for Anonymous members?


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