Religion Lately: Occult Symbols in Pop Culture, Pre-2012 End Time Refugees & Technopagan Heresy

By Kenny Smith  

Is the “mark of the beast” lurking in the Walt Disney logo, Illuminati symbols in Adidas’ footwear, occult signs in McDonald’s Chicken Selects?  Check out the most popular corporate logos and their ties to the occult.  To remove such occult influences, one news caster recommended an exorcism on the Republican party.


The Church of Scientology, according Janet Reitman’s new book Inside Scientology: The Story of America’s Most Secretive Religion and Steven Colbert’s 2005 classic “This Week in God.”  Are you a journalist looking for work? Check out Scientology’s new Freedom magazine, which seeks to hire professionals.

A new documentary film, Awake Zion, argues for ancient links between Rasta, Reggae, and Judaism.  Basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is also working on a documentary film, Brothers in Arms, about American troops who liberated Nazi concentration camps.  In researching the film, Abdul-Jabbar plans to visit Israel this month to interview a rabbi whom his own father, who served 761st Tank Battalion, helped to liberate from Buchenwald.   Fox News commentator Glenn Beck also visited Israel this month to address the Israeli Knesset as part of Beck’s “Restoring Courage,” a movement that will “:unite the world standing with Israel…”  

Another “family values” politician, Robert Mecklenborg, was caught in unfortunate circumstances, arrested for DUI, and with a young female stripper along for the ride, so to speak.  Visit here to watch arrest video. 

A police officer with an “uncanny knack” for arresting drug dealers, and who was also Jesus blogger,  was himself arrested for selling meth

Robin Hardy, director of the 1973 thriller The Wicker Man, visited Glasgow (Scotland) last week to mark the 10th anniversary of an actual Wicker Man festival inspired by and named after the film, in which a 40 foot willow effigy is built and then burned in a midnight celebration.  

In India, a monkey wedding re-enacting the mythical marriage of the much-loved monkey-deity Hanuman and his bride is deemed illegal by state officials.  

In Iran, Ahmadinejad hints at communication with the Hidden Imam, but faces clerical and popular accusations of practicing sorcery and witchcraft.  

In the French town of Bugarach, which some claim will be the only place on earth to survive the coming Apocalypse, predicted for Dec. 2012, residents are already seeing the arrival end-times-refugees.  

Will the new thriller, The Ledge, in which good-guy atheists face of against bad-guy Christians, bring atheists more fully into the American mainstream?  The American Atheists’ saw their campaign to fly banners (e.g., “Godless America,” “Atheism is Patriotic”) over American cities during the fourth of July weekend largely grounded, as some 80% of pilots refused to fly the plains. As one North Carolina pilot put it, “I’m not going to hell [for] flying those signs!” 

While traditional Neo-Pagan religious practice is grounded in the divinity of nature, Technopagans perform cyber-rituals tapping the divine power of cyberspace through Chaos Magic.


Oh, BTW, July 8, 2011, was “World UFO Disclosure Day,” Hope you enjoyed it.

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