Religion Lately: Create Your Own Religion, “Swastika Rehabilitation Day,” and “Real Housewives of the Bible”

By Kenny Smith  

Want to see how it all adds up? Try the religion of Universal Calculationism. Want to bliss out with the Children of Bob, perfect yourself in the United Church of Awesome, relish in the religions of Mine or Money, or simply create your own tradition wholesale? Check out the results of Huffington Post’s “Create Your Own Religion” contest.  

The International Raelian Movement, a worldwide UFO-based religious organization founded in the 1970s and that claimed to have successfully cloned a human being in 20002 celebrated “Swastika Rehabilitation Day” on Sunday, June 26.  Raelian video httpv://

Criticizing the appropriation of their religious traditions by outsiders, some Native Americans point to the bad karma likely to result.  Some 2,000 Native Americans gathered at Lakota Ranch, TX to celebrate the birth of an incredibly rare white Buffalo

The Church of Scientology’s books have been recently banned in Russia, its Florida property repeatedly vandalized,  its website hacked, and some of its members and leaders have been accused of intimidating former Scientologists.  Still, Scientology has found new supporters in the Nation of Islam!   The Nation of Islamic Scientology, anyone?  

One of Harold Camping’s followers shot his co-workers after being teased about Camping’s failed May 21 End Times predictions.  A Seattle man admitted to brutally raping and stabbing a lesbian couple on the grounds that “God told him to.” 

It’s not just Wiccans and Neo-Pagans who celebrated the Summer Solstice in June.   Wiccans are, apparently, still fighting for full recognition from the U.S. military.  

Are Satanists, Wiccans, Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, and still others waiting to pray at Liberty Lake (Washington) City Council meeting, where only Christian prayers are allowed?  

In a colossally poor job of editing, the front cover of Rev. Oral Roberts’ Miracles magazine (from 2010) offers up some questionable guidance, advising spiritual seekers to “get under the spout where glory comes out.”  

Finally, weary of the debased, neurotic, ranting and raving “Real Housewives of….” television shows? Try the upcoming and perhaps uplifting “Real Housewives of the Bible.”

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